It’s been the stuff of urban legend for generations; the Great Aussie Shed at the bottom of the yard, where blokes disappear for more than 12 hours a week on average (nearly a month out of every year) to attend to Secret Men’s Business.

While the English have their studies and the Americans have their dens, the backyard shed has been the traditional retreat for Aussies since we first climbed down from the trees and began living in the suburbs.

But the days are numbered for the drafty, dimly lit potting shed, full of rusting tools and piles of old junk that’ll never be repaired. Thanks to rapid advances in modern building techniques, today’s bloke can now have his cake and eat it too.

Kit homes are set to become the new Aussie sheds. They still offer a backyard refuge where, unlike the workplace or domestic front, men can be fully in control of their environment. The only difference is they come with all the comforts of home like power, running water, good lighting and even bathroom facilities if you want them.

Quite a difference really. Why would you want to sweat it out in summer and freeze in winter, when you can have a sealed, fully insulated studio that can include a workshop and even a games room?

A kit home studio is the modern Man Cave, where blokes can watch the game in comfort with their mates, do some gardening, grab a coldie from the bar fridge, or just chill out and potter.

The design options are pretty much unlimited in today’s kit homes. Victoria , New South Wales and Queensland have kit home manufacturers who specialise in giving you exactly what you want.

Once the components are manufactured and delivered to your door, you can erect it yourself for up to 40% less than a traditional build, or have a contractor do it for you and still save thousands.

And here’s the real beauty of a kit home studio. It’s not an indulgence, it’s an investment.

Depending on the design features you choose to incorporate, it can double as a band practice room, a teenage retreat, a granny flat, a home office, accommodation for guests, even a rental premises. On top of all that, it can substantially increase the value of your property.

The Great Aussie Shed will always be with us. It’s a part of our culture and there’s now research being done into the possible health benefits of having such a retreat. It’s also been argued that ‘shed time’ helps keep relationships on an even keel by giving both partners some regular breathing space from eachother.

But the Great Aussie Shed has come of age. It’s still a place where blokes can go to create, repair, dissect, collect or just reflect on life’s great mysteries, but now they get to do it in style.

A kit home studio makes great sense in anyone’s book. It’s a comfortable, multi-purpose and cost-effective alternative to the Great Aussie Shed and one that’s well worth looking into.

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